Goiás 360

A big step to the future

Inovation, Transparency and Accessibility

Goias 360 is a technological tool designed to streamline and give transparency to decision making, democratizing access to information, facilitate routine managers, teachers, students and community, and to promote public participation in matters related to education, culture and sport.


Online service consistent, bringing business intelligence, accessibility and management intelligence of education, culture and sport. Watch our videos and learn more about this solution that brings intelligence, management and accessibility in education.


from 4h to 30 minutes

Productivity increase in school's principals time with the reporting


from +30 min. to 30 sec.

Growth speed of obtaining data by the Managers.



Schools served in the state with solution.


Students served in the public network of teaching with the Goiás 360.

1 click

Information that leads seven days are available one click away



Solution development time Goiás 360.

Know the Solution

Access anywhere: Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop; within the school, in the car, in your home.